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Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!? Even the song is ruined now... I still give it 2 for the try. And None Metallica member has punk style spikes haircut.

Really Awesome!

Nice animation, but wouldn't it be nice, if viewer could click on a weapon in each scene? I know it would take very long to make, and that it would be hard, but it would be cool. :)

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Dad Rules!

Rock on, dad! maybe you should make a thid one, if it hasn't been made yet, because these series are probably the best on newgrounds. Seriously.

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This game was kinda hard for me, until I figured out the fighting technique. I also figured where the secret areas are, so I didn't had any problems from then on. It was still just the right difficulity, and I managed to get all the medals.

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It is still in judgement, and it already has medals? :D Cool! I think it's even better than the first one.

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Really cool

Awesome game. Kinda good graphics, average storyline, but awesome gameplay. Should have medals.

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Cool song, I like both versions, but this one seems better to me, probably because of bass and electro rhytm. Awesome remix!

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Yodamanjaro responds:

Thanks, I"m glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the review!


Yeah, I can groove to this.
By the way, this song REALLY deserves to be in the weekly top five, because it rocks.
Awesome compilating of bass and electronic sounds.
Good rhytm.
Means 5/5, 10/10 and favorited!

A little mistake through....
I can't make such music.

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ElectricalBypass responds:

Wow, I am really overwhelmed. Lets just hope though :P

You're great!

This song would be awesome in the Matrix - Reloaded movie. In that scene, when Trinity is trying to escape from evil twin brothers. There is already a song of that type in that scene, but if I would make remake of that movie, I would use this song in that scene. Awesome, really.

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Really nice picture, I especially like the tone of the colors.
Overall, the entire picture is great :) I give it 5/5

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