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Posted by Razpet20 - August 26th, 2009

Hello, just throught that people might need it, so here it is:

1. Pick up the package that contains scanner.
2. Leave through the door.

1. Go the way up to the door and click on it again. You will lose your gun, but will be able to enter the city.
2. Go to the Pub and use scanner. Scan around the pub screen until you find a small little red dot. It will tell you the further instructions.
3. Go to the snail farm and click on a snail to receive an application.
4. Go to the favor hub and talk to the guy to get a shield and a favor task.
5. Go to the trade center. Trade your cigar for a slingshot.
6. Leave city. When you come to the forest, go right and collect a purple rose. Also collect some peebles by the way.
7. Select a slingshot in your inventory and shoot 4 animals with it. When they're stunned, you can collect them. Note: you need at least 5 peebles for an entire game.
8. Go left to leave the forest.

1. trade one animal per time, and select any of scavenger's items to gain them. You must get all 4.
2. Leave the village.

1. Click on a purple pole on the cliff.
2. After you get a new objective, leave the place.

1. Give old man an application, and he will give you another task.
2. Give him the purple rose that you collected in the forest to get a B.A.G.E.L. membership.
3. Collect a medicinal blue flower that is growing on his garden.
4. Leave the place.

1. Go right until you come to the bridge, where the pig hunter will shoot you.
2. Go back and enter the Forest city.
3. Go to the Medical tent and give doctor the medicinal blue flower.
4. Click on the 'menu' bar in the upper part of the screen. On the menu, click doctor's favor to get an appointment.
5. Talk to the doctor, and he will heal you. Then you can take that teddy bear near the doctor.
6. Go to the snail farm and give the farmer an application. He will then give you one furry snail.
7. Go to the fashion district and talk to the tailor. Then give him the furry snail.
8. A guy with a key will appear on the wall. Select slingshot, aim at the key, and shoot.
9. He will drop the key. Pick it up.
10. Go to the trade center and trade Bowling ball and a hat to get a glue paper and a seat.
11. Leave the city. When you are in forest, go one screen right, and select the energy shield in your inventory. you are safe now. Go one more screen right till you come to the pig hunter.
12. He will try to shoot you, but he won't be able to, because of a shield.
13. A shooting sequence will appear. Choose the right timing to shoot him.
14. After you shoot him, go one more screen right. He will be there, and this time, you can kill him.
15. Go to the last screen on right. Talk to the teddy bear guy and give him the sky key.
16. He will tell you what to do next. In the menu panel, select the tailor favor. Then go back to the city.
17. Go to the tailor, and give him the teddy bear that you picked up at the doctor. He will make you a teddy bear costume then.
18. Leave the city and the forest.

Okay, I'm writing this for about an hour now and my hands kinda hurt already. :D

1. Step towards the net. The spider will show up. You can try to shoot him, but he's too fast.
2. Set the glue paper on his net. He isn't able to escape now, so you can shoot him.
3. Set free the cat captain.
4. Leave the place.

1. you will see a broken catapult. You must repair it in order to go past the abyss, so use these items on it: Bungee cord, a pole, and a seat.
2. It's working now, so click on it to go to the other side.
3. Put on your teddy bear csotume by clicking on it.
4. Step onto the platform to go up. When you're up, climb the ladder to come to the air kingdom.
5. Go to the big tent on the top of the stairs, there you will receive your last objective.
6. Go back to the top of the ladder, and go to the toy soldier barracks.
7. Select a cat favor from the menu panel to start the chaos.
8. Try to shoot the toy soldier. You will run to the cover.
9. Select the old collector favor and he will come to help you.
10. Now you're two against one. Shoot it until you hit.
11. Now you can kill Commander Poppet, too.

Then, the ending sequence will appear. You've completed the game! I hope this walkthrough helped you somehow, and sorry for bad English on some parts, lol.

If you played this game for medals, there is no special actions for getting more of them like in part one. You should get all of them in one sitting through the game.